Full Circle Wellness: The Launch!

You guys--we did it.

This has been a really... really... really long time coming.  I'm not just talking about my education and subsequent graduation from my AWESOME school, Carlson College of Massage Therapy.

I'm talking about how in 2013, I decided to leave my DC job of marketing and major-event planning for a farm, because, at the end of the day, my soul was not well.

I had the most fun I've ever had, amazing and beautiful friends (who I still love dearly), and a life full of events, parties, and the like. But I dreaded Mondays, and pretty much every day I had to be at work. I woke up with a pit of anxiety in my stomach that felt like it weighed 100 lb, and never really seemed to get lighter. I didn't have much time to exercise, or meditate, and I never got to see the stars because of light pollution. Hiking and being outside just never seemed to fit into my schedule. I was out late almost every night, and had no time to read and barely enough time to write.

So, I left DC. I went to a remote farm in northern California, a few hours north of San Francisco. I reconnected to a life that wasn't full of sirens and parties and the like. I reconnected to quiet and nature and my inner child LOVED swimming in the river, making dinner with friends, and exploring the natural beauty around me.

I moved back to Arizona and fell in love with Flagstaff. I moved to Iowa City and fell in love a the most exciting community of thinkers and doers that I've ever met. I finally made time to go to school, (had to switch schools, long story) and ended up attending the best school for massage therapy in the state, Carlson College.

I realized that I absolutely LOVE to help people feel better about themselves, their bodies, and their lives. I have suddenly found myself in a life where I love both my work, my community, and my purpose. 

And so, Full Circle Wellness is now launching. I hope to share my thoughts on food, meditation, and connection via my blog and provide resources for you wherever you might be in your own wellness path. Are you ready?? Because I sure (and finally) am.