An Easy Way To Feel Accomplished

So, in general I'm what you'd call a slightly cluttered person. It might take me a couple days to put away laundry (or a few months to unpack some lingering boxes in the office). But, I've started to do one thing earlier this summer that really makes me feel accomplished, centered, and ready for a full day.

I make my bed.

Via Unsplash

I think that might be one of the lamest things I've ever claimed to be proud of, but it's proven so true for me. Like, if I get NOTHING else accomplished today worth noting, at least I did this one thing. And It's nice to come home to, and crawl into at the end of a long day.

Think I'm crazy? Here's a phrase: The state of your bed is the state of your head.

And I'm not the only one--Did you see this article a while back about people who make their beds are generally happier?

Maybe it just gives you a general sense of accomplishment that sets some good juju for the day, or maybe a cleaner room really does help clean up your life a bit. I'm not sure about that, but I do notice that when my life is chaotic, my physical space absolutely reflects it.

So: Tired of the chaos? Try making your bed for a month, then come in (shameless plug to book a massage!) and tell me if you think it's affected your life beyond your sleep habits--super curious to hear what you think.



The Launch!

You guys--we did it.

This has been a really... really... really long time coming.  I'm not just talking about my education and subsequent graduation from my AWESOME school, Carlson College of Massage Therapy.

I'm talking about how in 2013, I decided to leave my DC job of marketing and major-event planning for a farm, because, at the end of the day, my soul was not well.

I had the most fun I've ever had, amazing and beautiful friends (who I still love dearly), and a life full of events, parties, and the like. But I dreaded Mondays, and pretty much every day I had to be at work. I woke up with a pit of anxiety in my stomach that felt like it weighed 100 lb, and never really seemed to get lighter. I didn't have much time to exercise, or meditate, and I never got to see the stars because of light pollution. Hiking and being outside just never seemed to fit into my schedule. I was out late almost every night, and had no time to read and barely enough time to write.

So, I left DC. I went to a remote farm in northern California, a few hours north of San Francisco. I reconnected to a life that wasn't full of sirens and parties and the like. I reconnected to quiet and nature and my inner child LOVED swimming in the river, making dinner with friends, and exploring the natural beauty around me.

I moved back to Arizona and fell in love with Flagstaff. Then I moved to Iowa City and fell in love with the most exciting community of thinkers and doers that I've ever met. I finally made time to go to school, (had to switch schools, long story) and ended up attending the best school for massage therapy in the state, Carlson College.

I realized that I absolutely LOVE to help people feel better about themselves, their bodies, and their lives. I have suddenly found myself in a life where I love my work, my community, and my purpose---a feeling that is brand-new, wonderful, and really exciting.

And so, Full Circle Wellness is now launching. I hope to share my thoughts on food, meditation, and connection via my blog and provide resources for wherever you might be in your own wellness path. Are you ready?? Because I sure (and finally) am.