An Easy Way To Feel Accomplished

So, in general I'm what you'd call a slightly cluttered person. It might take me a couple days to put away laundry (or a few months to unpack some lingering boxes in the office). But, I've started to do one thing earlier this summer that really makes me feel accomplished, centered, and ready for a full day.

I make my bed.

Via Unsplash

I think that might be one of the lamest things I've ever claimed to be proud of, but it's proven so true for me. Like, if I get NOTHING else accomplished today worth noting, at least I did this one thing. And It's nice to come home to, and crawl into at the end of a long day.

Think I'm crazy? Here's a phrase: The state of your bed is the state of your head.

And I'm not the only one--Did you see this article a while back about people who make their beds are generally happier?

Maybe it just gives you a general sense of accomplishment that sets some good juju for the day, or maybe a cleaner room really does help clean up your life a bit. I'm not sure about that, but I do notice that when my life is chaotic, my physical space absolutely reflects it.

So: Tired of the chaos? Try making your bed for a month, then come in (shameless plug to book a massage!) and tell me if you think it's affected your life beyond your sleep habits--super curious to hear what you think.