Ready to Feel Better?

Whether you woke up with a spasm in your neck, deal with chronic aches + pains, or you just want to relax for an hour, I'm here to help.


Swedish Massage

This might be the type of massage you are most familiar with, and includes long + relaxing strokes and lotion.

 A Swedish massage is both relaxing and therapeutic, and together we can build a tailored massage to fit your needs and your daily activities.


Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu uses finger pressure along the 12 meridian lines found in the human body to help improve the flow of Chi (or life force). 

Clients are fully-clothed and typically feel that a Shiatsu massage is a 'tune-up' for the body. 



A Japanese form of relaxation, Reiki is energy work that can (but doesn't have to) include touch.

The client is fully clothed, and the practitioner works to balance your energy levels and chakras (energy centers).


30 Minutes---$35

60 minutes---$55

90 minutes---$80

120 minutes---$110

Chair Massage*---$1/minute

Curious about a modality and want to try it out? Add on 15 minutes for only $10!

*Send me a quick note about on-site chair massage services, and I'll work with you to develop a unique wellness package that is SURE to make your employees happier, healthier, and more effective at your workplace!